nux_vomica (nux_vomica) wrote in deathrockoregon,

respectable street live eleven to noon-ish

my streaming show, respectable street, live from 11-1:PM sundays:
my podcast where shows are stored so you can download and listen later:

xtc - respectable street
madness - bed and breakfast man
adam and the ants - antmusic
elvis costello - oliver's army
the boomtown rats - wind chill factor minus zero
999 - boys in the gang
the kinks - rats
siouxsie and the banshees - hong kong garden
gang of four - i found that essence rare
buzzcocks - oh shit
wire - 12Xu
sex pistols - problems
sham 69 - sunday morning nightmare
toy dolls- florence is deaf
the exploited - hitler's in the charts again
blitz - someone's gonna die tonight
the adicts - straight jacket
discharge - drunk with power

i'd like to have put together a better brit set but time is short, i do not have a ton of storage and i am still working on replacing the music i lost last summer. it would have been done by now except that i have a life, and it requires much of my attention. hope you enjoy!
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