Snappy Verbal Dresser (thedr9wningman) wrote in deathrockoregon,
Snappy Verbal Dresser

7 feb 09 show: lola's: adrian h and theXplodingboys

greetings fans and friends,

this is a quick announcement about our neXt confirmed show.

when: 7 feb 09, saturday, 8pm (we start at 9pm)
who with: dj kenny and adrian h and the wounds.  this is a cd release party for adrian h's new self-titled disc
where: lola's room, at the crystal ballroom
how much: 10$
why: because we haven't played since august and it's about time!

theXplodingboys will open and close for adrian h and the wounds' cd release. accompanied by dj kenny (probably the most underrated and best 80s dj in portland), this will be an evening to remember.

tXb are unveiling some new favourite b-sides at this show and it will be the first show to kick off 2009 for us. we're eXcited to be playing some new songs from the top, pornography and kiss me..., and even some non-album tracks will be played!

show is 21+, $10, tXb hits the stage at 9 and midnight. adrian will go on at approximately 10.45
the crystal ballroom (which hosts lola's room) is located at sw 14th and w burnside

other updates:
we're working on a show with a new joy division tribute band.  we'll keep you updated.

alright, that's it for now, we'll get out of your hair so we can put ours on.

"say hello on a day like today
say it every time you move..."

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