JQ Murder (jonathanchrist) wrote in deathrockoregon,
JQ Murder

update on sunday's Bajskorv show *REGIMENT ADDED TO BILL*

This sunday DC's Industrial Noise artists Bajskorv will hit Portland on their west coast leg of their US tour
with locals !Go-Yo! and Regiment.

excerpt from ReGen's review of Bajskorv's latest album SCARS AND STRIPES
"Right from the onset of "Kapital Hell," listeners are treated to a sample-laden collage of harsh percussion befitting a rundown factory and haunting arpeggios that simultaneously display a subtle classical sensibility and a modern horror show. The rest of the album follows suit with each track spiraling out of control into a dismal array of sonic chaos and nightmarish environments, topped off by Monarez's grating vocals that caw and rasp their way in and out of coherence. From the sweeps of detuning pads and squelches of "Pain" to the twinkling ambience of "City of God," in which we hear even traces of what could be melodies, Bajskorv aren't your run-of-the-mill industrial band.""

"Reminiscent of the more experimental and abstract works of Skinny Puppy and Throbbing Gristle, Bajskorv is not comfortable music; images of scrapheap cemeteries will surely fill your head as you listen to this album."

"...if you have an ear for the darker, more ambient side of industrial music, Bajskorv's Scars and Stripes will satiate your palate quite effectively." - Ilker Yücel

please come out and help this great industrial band on their first tour and witness this sonic barrage!







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