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respectable street live eleven to noon-ish

my streaming show, respectable street, live from 11-1:PM sundays:
my podcast where shows are stored so you can download and listen later:

first show in portland! will be researching and downloading portland punk for a special show soon. please make suggestions!

nervebreakers - my girlfriend is a rock
buzzcocks - lipstick
the judys - man on a window ledge
plastic idols - think that i'm insane, you're crazy!
CH3 - out of control
big boys - nervous
black flag - rise above
humungus - learn to say fuck you
christ on parade - kill your landlords
crass - poison in a pretty pill
impatient youth - praise the lord and pass the ammunition
MDC - corporate deathburger
dwarves - sometimes gay boys don't wear pink
teenage queers - swastikas for christ
the bloody hollies - satanic satellite
the bodysnatchers - are you into destruction
false prophets - mental ghetto
RKL - think positive
L7 - the masses are asses

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